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Gear Up - discover your strengths and motivation

  • Coaching By Skillpod

  • Community Support

  • 5 Levels

If knowledge is power then self-awareness is your superpower.

Our program that will help you create your own personal framework for success in work and life. It will help you understand and leverage your unique strengths; establish clear goals, vision, strategies on your path forward; improve how you think and talk about yourself and increase your overall sense of happiness in work and life

You will work through a series of modules building towards your goals:

  • Personal profile - you will create a personal profile that summarizes all your knowledge about you (strengths, learning preference, motivators, etc) in one visual. 
  • Presentation skills - you will work on how you present yourself, your ideas and your work

Program highlights:

  • Accessibility • You can work on a desktop browser or download the native app and go mobile.
  • Engaging • This is not school! This is an action based self-learning program.
  • Communication focused • Improve how you think and talk about yourself based on evidence from assessment and from your own life.
  • Staying on track • This program has a 1:1 coaching feature. If you are stuck or have a question, message us you will get an answer within a day. If you download the app - we will send you notifications to encourage you to stay on track.
  • Accountability • at the end of each section and at the end of the program you will evaluate what is working and not working and make adjustments along the way. 

We believe in the power of design to engage and delight. However, your process can be as cerebral (language based) OR as creative a journey as you like.

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